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Understanding Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policies


When planning a trip, understanding the ticket cancellation policies of your chosen airline is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various cancellation rules and guidelines set by Turkish Airlines, covering everything from award tickets to class-specific policies and handling situations of no-show.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Rules and Guidelines

Turkish Airlines has specific rules and guidelines regarding ticket cancellations. Here's what you need to know:

Cancellation Timeframes: The airline allows passengers to cancel tickets within a certain timeframe before the scheduled departure. The exact timeframe varies depending on the type of ticket and fare conditions. 

Refund Eligibility: Whether you're eligible for a refund upon ticket cancellation also depends on factors like the fare type, ticket class, and when you cancel the booking. Turkish Airlines typically offers refunds for cancellations made within the specified timeframe, minus any applicable fees.

Turkish Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

For passengers holding award tickets with Turkish Airlines, the cancellation policy differs slightly:

  1. Cancellation Process: Award ticket cancellations follow a similar process to regular ticket cancellations. Passengers need to contact Turkish Airlines or their booking agent to initiate the cancellation.

  2. Refund Options: The airline may offer refunds for canceled award tickets, subject to the same conditions as regular ticket cancellations. However, refund eligibility may vary based on the award ticket terms and conditions.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Cancellation Policy

Travelers who have booked Turkish Airlines Business Class tickets should be aware of the specific cancellation policy for this class:

  • Flexible Cancellation: Business Class tickets often come with more flexible cancellation terms compared to Economy Class. Passengers may enjoy longer cancellation windows and reduced fees.

  • Enhanced Refund Options: Turkish Airlines may offer enhanced refund options for Business Class cancellations, including higher refund amounts and lower cancellation fees.

Turkish Airlines Economy Class Cancellation Policy

Passengers with Economy Class tickets should take note of the following cancellation policy:

  • Standard Cancellation Terms: Economy Class tickets typically adhere to the standard cancellation terms outlined by Turkish Airlines. Passengers should review their ticket fare conditions for specific details regarding cancellation fees and refund eligibility.

  • Limited Flexibility: Compared to Business Class, Economy Class tickets may have shorter cancellation windows and higher cancellation fees. However, this can vary based on factors such as the fare type and booking conditions.

Turkish Airlines No Show Policy

Understanding Turkish Airlines' policy regarding no-show situations is essential for passengers who miss their flights:

  • No-Show Definition: Turkish Airlines defines a no-show as a passenger who fails to show up for their scheduled flight without canceling or changing their reservation beforehand.

  • Implications of No-Show: Passengers who are considered no-shows may forfeit their ticket value and any associated benefits. Turkish Airlines typically does not offer refunds or rescheduling options for no-show passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I cancel my Turkish Airlines ticket online?

Yes, Turkish Airlines allows passengers to cancel their tickets online through their official website or mobile app.

2. How do I cancel a Turkish Airlines award ticket?

You can cancel a Turkish Airlines award ticket by contacting the airline's customer service or your booking agent.

3. Are there any fees for canceling a Turkish Airlines ticket?

Cancellation fees may apply depending on the fare conditions and the time of cancellation.

4. What is the refund process for canceled Turkish Airlines tickets?

Refunds for canceled tickets are typically processed within a certain timeframe, and the amount refunded depends on various factors such as the fare type and ticket class.

5. Can I cancel a Turkish Airlines Business Class ticket for free?

While Business Class tickets may offer more flexibility, cancellation fees may still apply depending on the fare conditions.

6. Is there a difference in cancellation policies for international and domestic Turkish Airlines flights?

The cancellation policies may vary based on the route and fare conditions. It's essential to review the specific terms and conditions applicable to your ticket.

7. What happens if I miss my Turkish Airlines flight?

Passengers who miss their flights without canceling or rescheduling beforehand may be considered no-shows and may forfeit their ticket value.


Understanding Turkish Airlines' ticket cancellation policies is essential for travelers to navigate changes in their travel plans effectively. By familiarizing themselves with these rules and guidelines, passengers can make informed decisions and minimize any potential financial losses associated with cancellations or no-show situations. Remember to always review the specific terms and conditions applicable to your ticket before making any changes or cancellations.



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