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Your Complete Guide to Virgin Atlantic's Baggage Policy

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy
Your Complete Guide to Virgin Atlantic's Baggage Policy

Welcome to the world of Virgin Atlantic, where exceptional service and a dedication to customer happiness define the voyage. Virgin Atlantic, a famous airline, takes pleasure in providing a one-of-a-kind and delightful travel experience. With a long history and a reputation for innovation, Virgin Atlantic is a market leader in aviation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to all aspects of your travel, including our carefully formulated Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy

We understand the value of hassle-free travel and have developed a thorough policy to ensure your items reach you safely and securely at your destination. In this educational lesson, we will go over the intricacies of our baggage allowance with Virgin Atlantic, carry-on luggage, and special item requirements. Join us on a smooth trip where every aspect is carefully considered, demonstrating our dedication to making your experience outstanding with Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy

Virgin Atlantic Checked Baggage Allowance

Discover the ease of Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance, expertly engineered to meet a variety of travel requirements. From Economy to Upper Class, discover the benefits designed to make your travel more enjoyable.

Based on Cabin Class

Economy Light

According to Virgin Atlantic checked baggage policy, there is no option for free checked baggage; just one piece of hand luggage weighing 10 kg is permitted.

Economy Classic & Delight

Economy Classic and Delight passengers are allowed one checked bag with a maximum weight of 23kg and dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16in).


Premium travelers can check two baggage with a maximum weight of 23kg and dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16ins).

Upper Class

Upper Class passengers are allowed two checked baggage, each with a maximum weight of 32kg and dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches).

Exceptions Based on Routes

Upper Class

Passengers in this class are permitted two bags, each with a maximum weight of 32kg.

Premium, Economy Classic, Delight

Travelers in the Premium, Economy Classic, and Delight classes are allowed two bags, with each bag having a maximum weight of 23kg.


To guarantee a seamless travel experience, each luggage must adhere to its size and weight constraints. Exceeding these limits may result in additional baggage costs. Regularly double-check your exact ticket and route data, since differences may exist, allowing for a well-planned and hassle-free travel.

Hand Baggage Allowance on Virgin Atlantic

Size and Weight

According to Virgin Atlantic carry-on size policy, Every passenger, irrespective of their cabin class, is permitted a single piece of carry-on luggage with a maximum size of 23 x 36 x 56cm and a maximum weight of 10kg. This size limitation encompasses any attached wheels, handles, or pockets. 

Additionally, According to Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy, travelers may bring one extra small personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag, which must fit securely under the seat in front of them.

Allowed Items

Outerwear such as coats, jackets, scarves, and blankets, reading materials such as books, magazines, and newspapers, electronic devices (confirm charging regulations with your airline), headphones, cameras, and essential toiletries in containers of 100ml or less (refer to liquid restrictions below), and necessary medications (ensure you have prescriptions if required).

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items for hand baggage encompass cutting implements such as knives, scissors, and tools, flammable liquids and aerosols (excluding small amounts of medicine or toiletries), explosives, fireworks, hazardous chemicals, poisons, sports equipment (verify exceptions with your airline), and live animals (excluding certain service animals).

Liquids Restrictions

All liquids, gels, and aerosols should be in containers not exceeding 100ml. These containers must be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag, with a maximum capacity of 1 liter (20 fl oz), to be presented separately during security screening. For in-depth details on liquid restrictions, kindly consult the regulations at your departure airport.

Excess Baggage on Virgin Atlantic: Know Before You Go

Traveling with more than your free checked luggage allotment does not have to be difficult. Virgin Atlantic has solutions to meet your needs, while excess luggage incurs extra expenses. Here's the breakdown:

Virgin Atlantic baggage fees: 

Overweight Bags

If your luggage weighs more than 23kg (Economy & Premium) or 32kg (Upper Class), you will be charged a per-kilo surcharge. Costs vary according to route and booking date.

Oversized Bags

Bags larger than 90 x 75 x 43cm are deemed oversized and will incur a fixed cost per item. Fees vary according to route and booking date.

Additional Checked Bags

Passengers who exceed their complimentary allotment (1/2/2 bags depending on cabin class) may purchase additional checked baggage at varied prices depending on the route and booking date.

Alternative Options

Pre-Purchase Extra luggage

To avoid surprises at the airport, purchase extra luggage allowance in advance online. This typically results in lower rates than paying at the airport.

Ship Excess Luggage

To avoid paying excess baggage fees, consider employing a luggage shipping service for big or heavy items. This can be economical for longer travels or significant collections of items.

Special Considerations: Beyond Standard Baggage

While Virgin Atlantic's standard baggage policy covers most travel necessities, certain goods, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and medical supplies, require particular consideration. Here is a brief guide for a smooth journey:

Sports Equipment

Virgin Atlantic allows common equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and skis to be included in your checked baggage allowance as long as they meet the weight and dimension restrictions. 

To guarantee smooth transportation of heavy equipment such as surfboards and bicycles with Virgin Atlantic, it is recommended that you pre-book or make additional arrangements. Contact the airline directly for further information on processes and rates. To avoid damage while in transit, use secure packaging.

Musical Instruments

Smaller musical instruments, like guitars and violins, are permitted in your hand baggage as long as they meet the size and weight limits. Larger instruments, like cellos, normally require special treatment as checked luggage, with prices that vary.

Medical Equipment

Carry drugs and equipment in your hand baggage, together with prescriptions and documentation, to ensure you have the necessary medical supplies. 

Consider checking heavier medical equipment as special luggage, and contact Virgin Atlantic for information on procedures and expenses. To guarantee that delicate medical products are handled carefully during shipping, clearly identify them as "Fragile".

Fragile Items

When dealing with sensitive objects, guarantee their safety by packaging them in sturdy containers with enough padding to absorb any shocks during handling. Designate these things as "Fragile" for special handling, and consider checking especially delicate or precious possessions as fragile baggage to benefit from increased protection and insurance.

Bottom line

Virgin Atlantic's luggage policy is tailored to satisfy a wide range of travel demands, from simplified allowances to flexible alternatives. Whether you pack light or bring your interests, their clear principles and devotion to passenger convenience allow you to pick the best solution. 

Embrace smart packing, look into pre-purchase possibilities, and keep in mind that unique considerations for sports equipment, instruments, and medical needs help everyone travel smoothly. So, select Virgin Atlantic, pack smartly, and start on a vacation where convenience meets flexibility, allowing your luggage concerns to fade away.

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